pumpkin hunting.

I can’t believe that we’re in October. …and you know what happens in October, right?!

It happens every year, pumpkin hunting that is. We pack up and head out to Half Moon Bay, pumpkin capital of the world, on a mission to find the perfect pumpkins to gut. Here’s a snippet into some of these year’s memories:

Looking back on our adventure from earlier this week, it’s making me antsy! I can’t wait until we get to gut and carve our haul!



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8 responses to “pumpkin hunting.

  1. Can’t wait to go get mu pumpkin in HMB too! Fall has officially arrived!

  2. Looks like so much fun! What did Hilo think of that pig? Haha!

  3. LISA A.

    Fun pictures, and all that orange will be perfect for scrapping!!!

  4. I think the fur kids had more fun than you did!! 😉 Great pics and can’t wait to see what you carve!! 🙂

  5. Nat – I’m pretty sure he thinks horses, sheep, and goats are more entertaining. However, he did really like that specific pig. Hehe.

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