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halloween recap and layouts.

I can’t believe that it’s November already. Where did this year go?! Halloween came and went, and now we’re in full gear towards Thanksgiving. Not too long from now, we will be busy trimming our tree and decking our halls with color. By the time we know it, it’ll be a brand new year filled with little blessings. In the meantime, I’ll soak up the past October festivities.

We went to a Halloween get together at the Smith house last weekend. It’s always fun going to their shindigs, especially during Halloween time. Their whole front yard is decked out with SCARY decorations! Plus, Jeanne’s pumpkin pie is to die for! *No pun intended, hehe.*

Pumpkin carving this year wasn’t as extravagant as previous years. G was on the road for a good amount of time this month, so we only carved some basic ones. At least this year, we actually got the chance to carve. Last year during Halloween time, we were way too busy.

 …and as far as being creative, here’s some of the scrapbook layouts that I created in October.

First up, here’s a layout I made for my friend Ann. Yes, I “borrowed” some of her photos. This layout uses the collection Soho Garden by American Crafts. I’m not going to lie; I hoarded this collection because all of its papers are named after areas in NYC’s Soho, my favorite part of the city! You know it’s an addiction when you’re buying paper because of its name. 😉

Second layout features 5th & Frolic, also manufactured by American Crafts. I’m in love with the soft palette to this collection. Plus, there’s hints of gold incorporated into all of the products. Gold, you say? Um, yes, please!

Last but not least, my third layout is a compilation of a bunch of scraps I had out on the table in the crop room. Most of it comes from KI Memories’  latest collection, Flashback. Have you seen it?! It reminds me of the stuff they used to have on the market, so I hoarded it, haha. Aren’t surprised, huh? 😉

On another note, life has been throwing lots of curve balls my way. Fingers crossed that everything goes my way tomorrow at the clinic.



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just a handful of snapshots.

I admit. I have been hoarding all of these Project Life things. I have a scrapbook album all set to go, and I even ordered the Project Life protector sheets months ago. Have I even started to create anything for it?! No!

I do, however, like that the Instagram app on my phone helps my daily photo documenting. Recently, I’ve been taking pictures galore, so I have a stack of photos to use. Woot! *pat on the back for me* I just ordered all of my photos, so once I have them in my hands, maybe I’ll get them onto Project Life pages. *wishful thinking*

Speaking of printing pictures, I still need to work on the wedding album. It’s on my list of 29 before 29, and it’s one of the more obtainable tasks. You’d think that I like letting the stacks of photos pile up.

On another note, it’s been so long since I last posted any of the projects I have been working on. Thus, I wanted to share some of the bright projects I have created for the shop.

Below is a fun layout I created using Splash, some of the latest from Little Yellow Bicycle:

Have you seen the new American Crafts line, Shoreline?! We all know that I love bright and happy colors. Again, I absolutely love vintage things, but sometimes, it’s just overkill. Every now and then, it’s great to have pops of vibrant and rich colors. Consider it a change of scenery from the vintage inspired looks. For instance, here’s a makeshift paper bouquet that I created for the shop:


Hope everyone had a wonderful fourth of July! It was the first time in years that we didn’t celebrate our annual FOTL event at my parents’ house. Hopefully, next year we’ll be able to coordinate the event again.


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two weeks behind: amy & kelly + easter recap.

A couple of weekends ago, we had the pleasure of hosting our friends, Amy Tan and Kelly Purkey over at Our Paper Place. Amy had fun teaching at the shop late last year, and it was Kelly’s first time visiting, so we hoped for a fun-filled and energetic weekend. Sure enough, it was just that. Everyone that had registered for the workshops seemed incredibly excited to have the girls in town. Creating, wonderful friends, and great weather — I really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect weekend.

Here are some of the photos from our Kelly and Amy workshop event:

I can’t believe that I used to design with both these gals on AC; they’re way too talented for me!

Group photo. I think we might be missing someone in this picture?!

It was so good to see you, Tricia! You know I heart you. 🙂

Amy sharing her very own tricks and tips to scrapbooking!

Kelly letting everyone play with paints, sprays, and stamps.

Thank you again, girls, for coming to hang out! We really enjoyed your company, and it was so nice to see both of you again. Hopefully, we’ll see you two in Chicago.

If you missed these workshops, the shop does have their kits available for purchase. Call the shop for more details, or feel free to contact me directly for more information.

On to Easter Sunday… Easter came and went in a blink of an eye, but that’s not going to stop me from documenting my Easter weekend with a blog post. With my busy schedule, I haven’t been out to the Sacramento area in months, so it was finally time to visit family.

We had an Easter brunch with delicious food cooked up by the best chef in the world, my mom! After dining on Mom’s cooking, it was time for the annual Easter egg hunt. Five kids, two dogs, and a whole bunch of hidden eggs made for one entertaining event. It seems that every year, the egg hunt gets bigger and bigger.

Now, I’d say that aside from Christmas, Maui’s next favorite holiday is Easter. She loves hunting down the hidden eggs because she knows we load treats in there for them. This year, she was Khiara’s sidekick, helping her scope out a handful of eggs.

Hilo, on the other hand, just spent his time looking for food. He’s definitely not into helping the kids look for eggs; he much rather scope out treats for himself. 😉

The kids also had fun decorating a carton of eggs. Unfortunately, I wasn’t around when they colored the eggs, but I still enjoyed looking at their creativity. It’s amazing to watch someone’s creativity shine through in what they make.

One of my favorite parts about our Easter gathering was our adorable deviled eggs. How can you not smile when you see these little chick-a-dees?!

Can you believe this?! That’s more than one post in a week! Something must be wrong, hehe. 😉 Just kidding. Hopefully, I’ll be back very soon with more updates.


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It’s hard to believe that it’s been about a year since I was asked to be on the American Crafts design team. Seriously, I still can’t believe I got to spend a year creating with such an amazing company. At the end of this month, my term will come to close, and I will surely miss working with everyone at American Crafts.

However, just like the saying goes, “When one door closes, another one opens.” With that thought in mind, I received some fantastic news! I’ve been ask to design for Authentique!

Umm, hello?! How could I not?!

I carry all of their lines at Our Paper Place, and I absolutely love the color palettes to their collections. The overall shabby chic style of this company’s paper is beyond anything I’ve ever designed with, so this is definitely going to be a challenge. …but it’ll be a good challenge for me! Every now and then, people need to breathe fresh air, right?!

…and last but not least, I wanted to congratulate all of the other talented ladies who are now designing for Authentique! Read about it over here.

Look for some new Authentique greatness in the near future. 😉


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weekend recap and winner!

First and foremost, I have a winner from my giveaway last week. Thanks to all that played along; I appreciate everyone’s honesty about how they feel about their personal work.

…but as we all know with these giveaways, I can only pick one winner.

Congrats, Brigid! Shoot me an email at redoaklines[at]gmail[dot]com, and I’ll get that mini album out to you prompto!

There was definitely some fun times this weekend hanging out with the family. It had been a while since we drove up to see everyone, so we figured it was about time. Besides, we had some errands to run out in the area.

Gloria had lots of fun longboarding down the street.

Maui enjoyed hitching a ride with her too! She used to ride with Gloria when she was a puppy, so I knew she wasn’t going to be terrified. As a matter of fact, she absolutely loved the thrill of the ride. She’s such a chill dog and loves adventures.

We have yet to try surfing with Maui, but I’m sure she’d love sitting on the end of the board while riding a wave.

Hilo, on the other hand, was terrified of the thought of sitting on the board. He kept fidgeting and trying to jump off of it, so we gave up trying to teach him how to ride on the longboard, haha! 😉

Miss Nano Banano (Natalie) and I had lots of fun annoying my little brother. He doesn’t like when we play the “Southern Accent” game together, haha! …so what do we do?! We annoy him by playing our game.

…and here’s Sean and Natalie. I love you guys; you’re adorable together! ((Nano — I’m so glad that he cooked you a special omelette! I knew you’d like it!))

…and before he ended up taking the longest afternoon nap ever, here’s my older brother, Scott! He’s super entertaining because he’s always making everyone laugh.

The dogs rolled around in the grass like a bunch of hooligans. Okay, okay… I admit! We were all rolling around in the grass like a bunch of hooligans.

I wish days were always like this, but alas life is how it is. 😉 Reminding myself that there are wonderful days like this will motivate me until another fantastic day arrives.

I have one layout to share today. I had leftover American Craft‘s Amy Tangerine stuff lying out in my scrap room, so I couldn’t resist playing with it.

Hooray for a fun weekend and creating with cool, new scrapbooking stuff! Now that I have loads of new photos to print, I see a lot of projects in the making.

PS: God has blessed us in so many ways. Thanks for reminding me about those that are not as fortunate. 😉


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