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weekend endeavor and adventure.

*written on 9.25.12*

Recovering from a slight headache from last night’s drinking debacle, I’m not really in the mood to write very much today. However, pictures, I figured, would suffice. Besides, one way to document your life is via photos, right?

One of our friends who works in connection with NASA told us about the Space Shuttle Endeavor’s flyover California. Well, it turns out that one of the coolest and nerdiest seats in the area was over at Ames Research Center. We got access to view the flyover on Moffett Airfield. I’m so glad that we got to experience a piece of scientific history.

*written today, 9.26.12*

Getting up at 4am in the morning to surround myself among a bunch of space fanatics was totally worth it. Seeing the Endeavor about 500 ft away was definitely something that will only happens once in my lifetime. Shortly after this endeavor (no pun intended),  it was off to Yosemite to meet up with Steph and Alex.

It was definitely a much shorter trip than our last visit, but it was just as fun. The views are always breathtaking, and the fresh air you get out in Tuolumne is so worth the drive to get there. Only problem is… the high altitude knows how to kick my butt. Plus, it doesn’t help that my anemia makes it harder for me to breathe. *sigh* One day, it’s my hope that I’ll become adjusted to the altitude to the point where I won’t notice the difference.

Now, I’m relaxing on California’s seaside.

Yup, this is the good life. Well, up until next week, of course. 😉



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(scrap)space exploration

Over the weekend, we went to visit the nearby NASA Ames Research Center. Here’s a little bit of information I found on the NASA website:

Ames Research Center, one of 10 NASA field installations, is located in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley at the core of the research cluster of high-tech companies, universities and laboratories that define the region’s character. With over $3.0 billion in capital equipment, 2,300 research personnel and a $600 million annual budget, Ames’ economic impact is significant. Ames plays a critical role in virtually all NASA missions in support of America’s space and aeronautics programs.

Pretty neat, huh?! …and it’s even better that there’s a visitor center that people can come and check out.

One of NASA's models on display.

This reminds me of ET. 🙂 I love this photo!

Wouldn't it be REALLY cool if we could touch something extra terrestrial!?

They have this roaming the moon exploring for life and water.

Out in outer space, haha! 🙂

Now that you have seen some outer space exploration, I’ll give you an itty bitty peek into my own personal scrap space. The back of the door holds some of my ribbon and punches. No, that’s not all the ribbon and punches I have. Trust me, I’ve got bags and bags and bags of ribbon stored elsewhere! As for the punches, there’s just no more space for them on the door. The rest of my punches are on my desk, under my desk, on the dining table, in my crop bag, in the car, etc. You get the picture, right?!

If this was REALLY what I had, I'd be thrilled!

…and yes, those are some EK Success punches! LOL. 😉

As for my alphas, let’s just say I shouldn’t be buying anymore Thickers or alphabet stickers. Below is some of my stash. Yikes! Like the punches, I’ve got a ton elsewhere… on my desk, in the family room, in my crop bags, on the dining table, at my Mom’s place, etc. haha.

Here's a glimpse of some of my alpha stash.

What?! Don't look at me like I'm an addict! Some of these are given to me!

Dishrack turned into a place to put my alphas.

Any ideas on how to organize ribbon, punches, or alphas?! I’m open to any suggestions! 😉

I have WINNERS to the 50k giveaway! 🙂 WINNER, WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER! Again, thank you to everyone who helped me reach my goal.

…and Christine thank you for generating a bunch of hits to my blog. You are the winner to the scrapbook supplies valued at over $50! If all of you could please email me at redoaklines[at]gmail[com], I can send out your prizes! 🙂

Last but not least, I’ve got more Zutter news for everyone! Want to win products that scrapbook stores don’t have yet?! This is what’s up for grabs:

…and Nan, posted this up on the blog:

It’s so much fun at CHA to share the new products and conduct make ‘n takes for crafters from everywhere!  This year at the Zutter booth we made a different MnT everyday, and by far one of the faves was the 3-piece Clipboard Wood wall decor using the NEW Hang-it-Alls – the cute little hardware that takes your paper crafts to awesome hangable art.  We used selections of paper from Donna Salazar Designs as well as the Rivet Setter, Hammer and Pound-it-All from Zutter…and voila!

To be entered to win, head here. There’s even a video posted.

Wow, that was a LONG post. Sorry for all of that rambling.

PS: Friday is going to be a life altering day. 🙂


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