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the colorful weekend.

Colorful. What does it mean to you?

In my opinion, it means that people live in an array of shades; it means that life isn’t just black and white. To me, it means living a life filled with exciting journeys and positive people.

It was definitely a fun weekend with family and friends. We were able to make it up to San Francisco for the parade this weekend. We walked around, enjoyed the beautiful weather, and had a great time dancing to the music. It was definitely a colorful weekend to remember!

Here were just a few of some of those colorful photos from the parade:

Looks like a crazy time, huh?! Well, it pretty much was, so I didn’t really get that many photos of all of us playing in the streets. Next time, I have to remember to shoot photos of the important people, haha!

Natalie (Sean’s sweetheart), me, and Angel (my scrap/anxious sister) stopped for a photo.

Random group shot.

Is that Gloria giving that creep the stink eye for Angel?!

…and some photos from the phone:

Those are all the photos I have for now. I told you that I didn’t take that many.

If you haven’t made it out to a Pride Parade, you should definitely experience it at least once. I think it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind experience. That is if you’re open to that kind of thing, haha!

I feel the urge to be crafty. WOW! Right now, I plan on pulling out my rotary cutter and playing with fabric. I also want to work on a handful of paper projects. Decisions, decisions. I always want to do 13,940,823,290 things, and that becomes hazardous, haha! I wish I could pick ONE task and just go with it. Hmmm… I do, however, have an American Crafts project in mind. Maybe I shall start with that?

There are lots of exciting, crafty opportunities arising in my near future. I can’t really say anything just yet, but it’s gonna be good!

PS: I can’t wait for this upcoming weekend! I get an extra day to play, and we’ll be spending it with family for our annual get together. It’s gonna be filled with more color (aka, fireworks). Seriously, I can’t wait for the tasty BBQ and our family fireworks.

PPS: It’s the last week on the project. Are you excited?! I am.



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crazy may(zy)

The month of May has been super busy. I rank it the second busiest month, right behind December. Does anyone else find the month of May to be hectic?! It seems as if plans seem to keep getting scheduled into the month of May. Ack! …but that’s life. You just have to keep treading forward.

I mentioned in my previous post that I ended up going to visit my mom on her special day.

When I grow up, I want to be as pretty as my mom, hehe!

"Yes, I got a haircut. You can actually see my face now."

We BBQ'd and ate outside in the patio for Mother's Day.

Grilled chicken and Korean BBQ! 🙂

Maui likes to cuddle up with Grandma.

Gloria and I taking random photos before Mother's Day dinner.

Thanks to the perfect weather this past weekend, we spent a lot of time enjoying the newly remodeled patio at my parents’ house. After spending time with my family, we drove to spend time with Gloria’s mom. Lunch and dinner with her family was delicious. To make things even better, Gloria’s sister brought her two dogs. Maui and Hilo had such a marvelous time playing in the backyard with them.

Overall, it was a great weekend with family. 🙂

I didn’t get a chance to create anything at all this past weekend because of all the family time. However, I did want to share the project that I created for the mini workshop that I taught at ScrapFest last month.

Guess how I binded this one?! If you said the bind-it-all, then you guessed correctly! 🙂

This mini album was created using all Kiki Art paper. I especially LOVE the paper to the front cover. It’s part of the Jardin collection! To give the tree some dimension, I added some red dew drops by The Robin’s Nest. If you want more information on this mini album, feel free to head on over to my gallery on the Zutter website.

Hope this week, I mean month, isn’t too crazy!


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I love that…

It seems that a lot of things in my life have been changing so rapidly. I have to admit that the feeling of newness used to make me feel anxious, but as of late, I’m loving all of the changes. I’m quite amazed at myself because not too long ago, I probably would have had a mental breakdown, literally.

I love that…

Renovations are well under way. The patio is looking superb with all of the new additions (I can’t wait for more BBQ get togethers). The scrap room is getting there — slowly, but surely. 😉 The new cute garbage can in the kitchen is super adorable and perfect sized. I actually got scrapping supplies as gifts for National Scrapbooking Day! My hair is short. The middle of May is not too far away. I opened a magazine, and there I was. I’m really excited for the So Cal road trip. I was able to go out in the rain wearing a dress, haha! I now see the light and how blessed I am. Pretty soon, the tax return check should be in the mailbox. 😉 I got accepted. 🙂 My new bras are actually cute and COMFY (Yes, I know TMI… but I love how comfy they are). My parents are soooooo AMAZING. I love them to pieces.

Yesterday, for National Scrapbooking Day, I suprisingly didn’t scrap very much. Instead, we were BBQ’n in the rain like a bunch of weirdos, haha! Anyway, here are some random pictures that I took.

Scott and Anna chatting the night away (with Tequila?).

Scott and Anna chatting the night away (with Tequila?).

Sounds like a weird combo, shrimp and meatball skewers, but so DELICIOUS!

Sounds like a weird combo, shrimp and meatball skewers, but it was so DELICIOUS!

A little early in the season, but I love corn!

A little early in the season, but I love corn!

Us girls enjoying BBQ (on a rainy day). Too bad Amees not here

Us girls enjoying BBQ (on a rainy day). Too bad Amee's not here

I caught all of them off guard, but its still a cute picture.

I caught all of them off guard, but it's still a cute picture.

Pink Sketches is on now on Sketch #31. This week’s sketch is unique, and there are so many ways to interpret it. If you want to scrap along with us, make sure to leave a link to your layout, so we can post it in the Pink Gallery. Remember, Kelli releases a brand new sketch every week, so if you need some inspiration, head on over. I scrapped a layout with pictures from Hawaii.

Coated with Sugar

While cleaning up my desk, I found this old family picture. I couldn’t resist working with this one. I played along with One Little Word this time. It’s slightly late, but I thought it would be a fun challenge to do just for fun.

Our Journey to the Past

Oh, and I couldn’t write a post without an update on the little white one. She scored herself a new toy this weekend. Since Gloria used to play soccer hardcore, she thought it would be fun to teach Maui how to play. Surprisingly, Maui picked up on the sport quite well. She tries to steal the ball from us when we kick it back and forth, and boy, is she fast! Perhaps this week, we’ll try to teach her how to kick it with her front legs while she walks. What other tricks do you think we should teach her. We’ve taught her all of the everyday dog tricks and more, so I don’t know what else to teach the lovebug.

Time to play soccer. Bring it!

"Time to play soccer. Bring it!"

Come and get it. Theres no way you can catch me!

"Come and get it. There's no way you'll catch me!"

Make sure to check back for RAK winners very soon!

Hope everyone has a fantastic week,


PS – We miss you from home. We’ll see you soon. Just think, it’s more points to go on more adventures. Oh, and I’m still taking donations. And yes, we are extra special. 🙂


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