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christmas and NYE 2013 recap.

Umm… where did 2013 go?! Oh, that’s right… back over there! Obviously, I haven’t been blogging very much recently, so I wanted to do a quick recap of some fun moments this past month for documentation purposes. These kinds of posts make a good time reference in the future.

Earlier in December, I finished my first 5k with friends. I can now cross that one off of my bucket list. Wahoo! Surprisingly, it was lots of fun, and it’s something I would definitely do again. As a matter of fact, I’ve been trying to search for my next race. Yup, we dressed up as elves to get us into the spirit.

As far as our 2013 Christmas tree, we decided on keeping it metallic and white. It was pretty much a gold and silver tree this year.

Overall, it was a wonderful holiday season. Yeah, it’s nice to eat delicious holiday food and get lavish gifts, but the best part about this season, at least for me, was feeling blessed to have spent lots of quality time with the people I love.

As for New Year’s Eve, we spent it at the beach, of course!

Later that evening, as we rang in 2014, we popped a bottle and enjoyed the fizz.

To start off the new year with a bang, we drove down the coast this past Sunday. We had a little family picnic on one of our favorite beaches in Big Sur. I think the four of us should just become professional beach bums, hah!

Yup, and that pretty much brings us up to date with life. We’ve got stuffed planned this weekend, so expect a post in the near future.

Happy 2014!



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adventurous weekend.

Weekends are something I always look forward to. As a matter of fact, thinking about it really gets me through the work week. By the time it’s Wednesday, I feel exhausted.

It’s been a while since we last played along the Big Sur area, so G suggested we go hiking along the coast. Well before noon, we had already made a couple of detours and lounged on the beach. Below are some snapshots of our recent adventure.

The phenomenal Bixby Bridge nestled along the cliffs of Highway 1 looks amazing even bright and early in the morning. It’s incredible how a man made structure still stands here even after many years of wear and tear.

A windy road down to the shore and a slight hike to the beach, and then it was pure beauty. The views from where I was lounging was unbelievable. I could have really spent all day relaxing *cough* sleeping *cough*on the beach, but I wanted to get a couple of hikes in before day’s end.

We then headed to explore more of Julia Pheiffer Burns State Park. More specifically, I really wanted to see the picturesque McWay Falls. Everybody’s photos always look so stunning, so I had to see it for myself. …and it’s just as it portrays in photos, gorgeous!

Ocean views will always be my favorite type of hikes, but G thought it would be fun to head up the mountainside. Great suggestion on her part because it was so much fun. It was tiring, but a great place to get some fresh air. Hiking this shady trail reminded how beautiful the forest floor can be, minus the poison oak, of course.

After playing  along the Central California Coast, I was having withdrawals from our normal stomping grounds. I love the cold beach weather out in the Half Moon Bay area. Seriously, it’s one of the best feelings ever – sitting in chilly overcast weather and cold breeze blowing in your face.

Yup, there you have it – an adventurous weekend. (Teresa and Ann: Fine! I tend to go out MOST weekends. Not all.)


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