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a festive weekend.

It’s Halloween-time! Yeah, we’ve been prepped since the end of September, but this past weekend just felt so festive. Speaking of festive, I never shared pictures of the decor around the house.

This past weekend, we went to one of the many members’ parties thrown by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We specifically went to this event because it was a Halloween Dance Party! It’s pretty awesome, especially when their staff is dressed up in their costumes, and they’ve decorated some of the exhibits. Plus, they hand out Halloween candy. Here’s some of the photos that we snapped that evening:

It wouldn’t be a trip to the aquarium without some random shots of the sea life, right?!

We also had the pups put on their costumes for a quick little photo shoot. Every year, we dress them up in new costumes. This year, I die of how cute they are, especially since their paw-rents are Aggie alumni. Moo!

…and to top it off, we gutted our pumpkins and carved our pumpkin haul. This year we carved Disney pumpkins. It was super exhausting but lots of fun. The dogs love it for all of the gutted pumpkin on the floor, haha!

After this past weekend, I’m feeling beat from all of the Halloween festivities. If I don’t post before Thursday, wishing everyone a happy (and safe) Halloween!

PS: Two more days! 🙂



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welcome to october.

Can you believe that we are now in the month of October?! It was like I closed my eyes for one second, and all of a sudden we were enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

I’ve noticed a lot of people already have their Halloween decorations out and ready, and I’m totally not even close to being done. On Halloween, I think we were nominated to host another party at our house. I don’t mind at all since you know how I like to party. 😉 Wait, I meant to say decorate, cook, and bake.

Maui and Hilo seem to be enjoying the weather this team of year. It’s not too hot or too cold for them, so they look forward to dog park adventures, afternoon walks, and Halloween toys (not like they need anymore toys). Yeah, yeah — they’re spoiled, but tell me something I don’t know. 😉

This is the newest addition to the dog toy bin.

This is the newest addition to the dog toy bin.

Hilo, bet you cant steal this pumpkin from me!

"Hilo, bet you can't steal the pumpkin from me!"

I dont want your measly little pumpkin. I have my own bone to chew on!

"I don't want your measly little pumpkin. I have my own bone to chew on!"

Surprisingly, we already have Maui and Hilo’s costumes ready for Halloween. It’s going to be soo000ooooo cute! I can’t wait to share pictures of them wearing their costumes. Now, if I can only figure out what I’m going to be. 😉 We’re all trying to coordinate again this year. Last year, Maui was a hot dog. I was ketchup, and Gloria was mustard. Here are some pictures from last year:

…but on Halloween night, I was a witch. Here’s a recap from last year’s Halloween:

No scrappy updates for today, but do check back soon. 🙂

Happy Thursday!




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