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in the redwood forest.

It’s pretty much been eons since the last time I was up North in Redwood National Park. I remember being a little girl and looking up at those giant trees; it made me feel so incredibly small. Even as an adult, standing next to them still made me feel so very tiny. These ancient trees are truly spectacular, and it was such a pleasure to go camping among these giants.

Upon arrival, we had to stop at the first visitor center to get one of the National Park Passport cancellation stamp. It wouldn’t be a trip to a national park without getting stamp(s), hehe! The views behind the visitor center were phenomenal.

It seemed like miles and miles of sand that stretched along the California coast. It’s quite impressive!

After spending some time at the beach, my brother and his fiancee suggested we check out Fern Canyon. I’m so glad that they did because it’s such a sight to see. Basically, you hike on a semi-muddy trail that runs right next to a stream. At some points on the path, you have to maneuver over fallen tree trunks and branches. The trail is actually the valley floor of the canyon, and the sides of the canyon have abundant fern rooted onto its walls.

If you plan on hiking this path, prepare to get semi-wet. We went later in the summer, so I’m sure the water level is low compared to other times of the year. Nonetheless, it’s a neat place to explore.

Here are some other random images of that we captured on our way to our campsite:

There’s an abundance of elk roaming the grounds of this national park! I swear we saw them all over the place. 

A pretty shot of one of the many rivers we drove over!

We set up camp that evening and hit the sacks pretty early because the next morning we hit up Enderts Beach. To get there, you have to hike about 1/2 mile to the shore. It was frightening, however, to see warning signs that indicated that mountain lions were sighted on that trail a couple of days ago. We were cautious though! As far as the trail, it gets steep at some points, but the tide pools below are worth it.

We had a blast splashing around on the beach! My favorite part about Enderts Beach is the incredible tide pools. They are loaded with different types of starfish and thousands of anemones. I would’ve spent all day there if I could. If you ever make it up there, make sure to follow the tides for the best tidepooling conditions!

On our trek back up the cliff side, we kept spotting tons of banana slugs eating all of the vegetation. Check out this one that was making its way on the trail:

Heading out from the trail head, there were people stopped looking off to the side of the road. We couldn’t figure out what they were looking at until we saw a huge elk!

Isn’t it crazy that his antlers are the size of the fence post?!

For lunch, we headed up towards Oregon and had lunch at a local seafood joint in the Port of Brookings Harbor called Sportshaven Marina. Their clam chowder was amazingly delicious. Mmm, mmm!

On our way back down towards California, we drove into Jedediah State Park, where they house some of the tallest and oldest trees in the world.

It’s amazing how far they stretch up into the sky. You feel so small standing next to one of these giants. Speaking of small, as we trekked through Jedediah State Park, I kept imagining Ewoks roaming around the woods, haha! After exploring a handful of the forest floors, we took a walk (and relaxed) in Crescent City.

Although it was foggy, it felt nice to get some fresh ocean air and breeze after a long day.

On our last day, we headed South. Again, we were impressed by the gorgeous ocean views and the abundance of ancient trees.

Later that day, we headed South towards Fort Bragg and Mendocino to check out the Glass Beach. Unfortunately, we didn’t shoot any pictures with the SLR. Boo! (I guess that just means we’ll have to take another road trip, haha!) 

I had a blast this weekend. Sometimes, being out in the wilderness reminds you just how magnificent our world is. It’s a great reminder to take time to appreciate what the world really has to offer us.



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