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thanksgiving 2013 recap.

Just a little bit over a week ago, Thanksgiving plans changed and I was nominated to host a Thanksgiving dinner. Thank goodness my parents offered up their home for dinner because I didn’t plan on cleaning and prepping our house with a week’s notice, hah! …so I hustled and bustled to get everything done in time for Turkey Day.

After making the floral arrangements, setting the table, and cooking up a storm, I’d say it was another successful Thanksgiving dinner hosted by yours truly.

…and it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a feast! Some of the dishes that I cooked/served are pictured below:

Green beans with shallots and almonds

Chicken Wild Rice

Sausage and Cranberry Cornbread Stuffing

Garlic Roasted Mashed Potatoes

Roasted Garlic Pork

…and of course, the juicy and delicious turkey!

Before we all stuffed ourselves, we remembered to snap some photos. I especially love the ones of G and the dogs; they crack me up.

Candles were lit, grace was said, and a party of eight went food happy.

The best part about Thanksgiving, in my opinion, is the leftovers! Yum! Oh, the gravy… *salivating*

…but now that Thanksgiving is officially over, I can now start decorating for Christmas. Wahoo! I’ve held off up until now.



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More creativity and blog awards.

I wanted to share a couple of layouts I completed recently.

This layout was done for the latest challenge up at Scrapstars. There is a prize up for grabs with this challenge, so make sure to head on over for some scrapping fun! I thought this was a fun layout because I used up a bunch of random embellishments I had lying around. It’s always fun to use up stuff you find in your stash, and you think to yourself, “I didn’t even know I had this!”

2009 New Year Promise

2009 New Year Promise

I completed another layout; I loved one of Deana’s layouts so much that I “scraplifted” her design! The fun part about this layout is that my best friend came to visit, and she challenged me to complete a layout only using papers from a stash of only scraps. Then, she randomly picked 5 random items from my scrapbooking supplies to use. At first, it was really hard to figure out where to place everything, but I thought it came together quite nicely. This one is about Hoshi, the orange tabby. Seriously, he’s pretty tubby, so I entitled this one, “Fat Cat”.

Fat Cat

Fat Cat

While my best friend was over, I decided to make a really little “layout” of  a picture of her. She wanted to see the art of scrapping in the works, so again, I used random scrap supplies and paper. I love how fun and bright it turned out. Here’s the end product:

What a Hoot!

What a Hoot!

I also got around to arranging some greenery for our media console. I switch it up according to season/holiday. Since it’s no longer Christmastime, I had to come up with an everyday arrangement to fill the empty space. I wanted it to be plain, simple, and earthy to the match the colors around the house. I added the dancing oncidium orchid to give it that extra spring touch.

I made this for our media console.

I made this for our media console.

A different view of the arrangement.

A different view of the arrangement.

Touches of dancing oncidium orchids.

Touches of dancing oncidium orchids.

Also, a few ladies have given me blog awards in the past couple of weeks, and I never managed to post it up on my blog. I got super swamped with life in general that I didn’t get around to putting them up. Anyway, thank you to the ladies who linked me up! I really appreciate you coming to visit my ramblings in the blog world; it makes me feel honored that people actually enjoy reading about my life. If I happened to forget that you gave me a blog award, please let me know.  Lastly, if I link you, don’t feel obligated to post the award on your site. Post it only if you want to play along! 🙂

1. Nina and Rowee were so kind enough to hand this out to me! Thank you for this lovely award. It’s such an honor to get this from both of you. I totally appreciate it!

I am giving this award to:

Sarah and Cathy

2. I received this award from Karen. She’s been so awesome to work with on her design team, and it’s my pleasure to receive this from one talented lady!

and now I have to pass it on to 7 (I’ll only do two) very talented and creative Bloggers:

Luiza and Bekka

3. Last but not least, I got an award from Lydia. She’s been so sweet to me, and I always love reading her blog! Thanks for sending this award my way.

How awesome right! So now here is what I got to do. I need to name 5 addictions, and 5 (I’ll only do two again!) people I’d like to pass on my “fabby award” to. Ok, first with addictions…

1) Scrap related things. Paper, chipboard, stickers, embellishments, etc.

2) Going on vacations. This would include outings to the beach.

3) Taking pictures.

4) Shopping

5) Cute “Sarah shirts” and “Sarah shoes”.

Ok, now on to my 5 (I’m doing two) fab bloggers Im going to hit up.

Holly and Samantha

That’s it until next time. Check back this weekend for Red Oak Lines layouts from the wonderful design team!



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