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summer happenings

Summer has its perks. Aside from sunbathing, the warm weather allows for more outside time. We’ve been gardening a lot recently. I’m super excited about the different kinds of lettuce that we planted. Now, we can make a fresh salad with my favorite kind of tomato, cherry tomatoes! Here’s a snippet of some of the things we’ve been growing:

I’m excited that our Eversweet strawberries are in bloom; can’t wait for all the sweetness it’ll produce. I know what I’ll be snacking on throughout the year. That’s the best part about Eversweet strawberries; they grow all year round. 🙂

As far as as the desert botanical area, it’s looking mighty awesome. We need to finish up the big vertical gardens, but we’re still figuring out what we want to plant in those. Aside from that, I think we have more than enough succulents. Here are some random snapshots:

On top of playing outside, there’s always time to make stuff for inside the home. Our house is looking super green like a rain forest, hehe! Here are some random pictures of the stuff we have on our mantle and media console:

I was asked to do a floral demonstration for about 75-80 people, and so I was required to design a handful of arrangments. Here’s just a few of the ones I made for them:

Last but not least, the dogs have been keeping me extra busy. They think that just because it’s warm outside, they can bug me moreso than they do other times of the year.

…but alas, they’re dogs, and I love them for their annoying tendencies. 😉



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succulent garden & more yosemite photos.

Last summer, we decided that we were going to get rid of the grass because of its horrible effects on the environment. Besides, the snails used the grass soil as a nesting haven. Back in the fall, we were in dire need of more color and texture in the garden, so we planned out our next move. Succulents are cheap, easy to grow, and super low maintenance, so we have been working on creating our very own desert/succulent botanical garden.

The garden is definitely in the works, and we still have lots of plans for some fun modern displays. Plus, the garden won’t be entirely complete without the cute chair hammock that I ordered. *I can’t wait to read/work in it.* Thus far, it’s looking so pretty! Here’s a handful of some random photos from the garden:

At first, we dished out some big bucks for some of the more unique succulents. Now, every time we hit up a local nursery, we pick up one or two we don’t already have. Plus, we’ve been reusing our snippets to foster more succulents plants. *I love succulents for that reason; they’re so cheap!* Truly, I can’t wait for the garden project to be complete!

Since our Yosemite trip a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been itching to go on a short, quick hike. In the meantime, looking at more photos from that trip will cure my outdoor bug.


As far as updates on Hilo, he’s doing slightly better. I’ll try to keep everyone posted.

PS: I think I have another travel bug. Where should we go next?!


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Patio, Pages, and Planning.

I wish the weekend was longer, but then again, I think most people agree with me on that one. This past weekend, my family came to hang out. My mom was totally impressed with my garden. Yippppeee! She told me that my vegetables and herbs were more abundant than hers! Personally, I find that hard to believe since she’s got a major green thumb. I can’t wait to reap all of the fresh produce!



On top of the vegetable garden, we’ve been working on making the patio feel warm and homely. We’re pleased with how everything turned out, and so are the dogs! There are a variety of flowers that add so much color to our place, and the dogs now have grass and bark to run around and play in.

The yellow totally pops with the blue pot.

I absolutely love how the yellow daisies totally pop with the blue pot.

Our defective, yet pretty red daisies.

Our defective, yet pretty red daisies.

Earlier today, I caught Maui and Hilo in their outdoor toy bin. I guess they were tired of the toys in their usual indoor toy basket. Luckily, I had the camera with me, so I decided to snap some shots of the both of them.

Hilo: We decided to come out here and play instead.

Hilo: "We decided to come out here and play instead. Playing inside the house was boring!"

Maui: Which one should we play with?

Maui: "Which one should we play with?"

Hilo: Get out of here, Mom! Maui and I have this under control.

Hilo: "Mom... Maui and I have this under control."

I’m so impressed that both of them get along. Before we brought Hilo home, I was so worried that Maui wasn’t going to be thrilled about the new puppy. Good thing she loves his company. They really are inseparable nowadays.

They do almost everything together.

They do almost everything together.

Recently, I’ve been deprived of scrapping, so I had to play in the scraproom. In the past couple of days, I worked on some DT work and other layouts just to appease my scrapping craze. I’m totally loving my latest layouts.

The first layout was created for the current Scrapping Across the Universe challenge, which requires for contestants to scrap about exciting news you have received. Mine was about moving into our new home.

I also finished a layout for the current challenge over at Scrap Outside the Box. Ally hosted this challenge, and her “outside the box” item was a clothing tag. Play along for a great way to challenge yourself!

Last but not least, the weekly sketch from Kelli over at Pink Sketches is now available. Here’s the sketch:

…and here’s my layout for this sketch:

I love the Jillibean Soup letter stickers on this layout. Don’t you?!

Okay, that’s it for now. I’ve got to get back to planning. I have to look into different caterers in the area.




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Creative spark – RAK!

I’ve been totally inconsistent with posting updates. Oooops! In the past couple of days, I’ve been trying to relax and enjoy life; however, I still feel exhausted emotionally, physically, and mentally. Although tired, I still have a creative spark going, which is a great thing because it helps me relieve stress.

I’ve been busy scrapping about every project – layouts, cards, altered items, etc. I’d love to share ALL of them, but unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until I get permission to post.  Until then, I’ll leave you with a couple projects.

My latest layout was inspired by Scrapping Out Loud. I really liked the idea of this challenge site; basically, you get a “Word of the Week” and a “Sketch of the Week”. You have a choice of either doing one or the other or both. I decided to play along.

"Beginnings Are Hard"

Over at Scrapping Across the Universe, they are hosting a challenge,  which Red Oak Lines is sponsoring! Play along with the current challenge, and you could win a package of some of my goodies.

Win all of this over at Scrapping Across the Universe!

Win this over at Scrapping Across the Universe!

…and because I already had a pile of scraps out, I cranked out a card for Valentine’s Day. Here is a random and spontaneous card I made:

For that special sweetheart!

For that special sweet"heart"!

I was already on a roll doing Valentine related projects, so I made a little felt pocket to store little love notes. I know a lot of couples write and doodle down notes to each other throughout the day, so I thought this was a cute way to store everyday sentiments. Of course, you can add a magnetic strip to the back, and put it up on the fridge!

Love Note Felt Pocket

Love Note Felt Pocket

Closer view of the pocket.

Closer view of the pocket.

Yesterday, Maui got to go to the park since it was sunny. She was completely drained from playing that within a few minutes in the car, she fell asleep.

Im sooooooo tired!

"I'm sooooooo tired!"

A couple of minutes later... ZzzZZZzZzzzz

A couple of minutes later... "ZzzZZZzZzzzz"

The past couple of days, I’ve been also working on the patio area. I’ve been trying to add more color to our empty space, so I planted some flowers. I plan on growing vegetables and herbs, but I’ll wait until the cold chill goes away. Anyway, I wanted to share some fun little “critters” in our garden.

Fred the Frog. He loves violas.

Fred the Frog: he loves violas.

she loves violas too!

Special the Squirrel: she loves violas too!

he loves flowers in general.

Mango the Ladybug: he loves all flowers.

…and I was so excited when I saw these pop out of the ground. I counted around 4-5 buds, and hopefully more will be sprouting out soon! Thank gosh for the sun because I’m starting to dislike the cold!

I can't wait for all of the tulips to bloom!

Those are all the pictures I have of the garden right now. I’ll update more soon!

And last but not least, I’m giving out a RAK. I have more random stuff to giveaway, so if you want to play. Just leave a comment with what flower you think I should have in our garden. Last day to comment will be Sunday, January 18th, by 11:59pm.

Happy Thursday,



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