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when you wish…

…upon a star, makes no difference who you are. The older I get, the more I find Disneyland to be more magical. I’ve always wanted to go to Disneyland during Halloween tIme, but I never got around to doing so. This was the first year that our schedules allowed, so we packed up and headed down South.

Here are some fun memories from our first day in the park:

We met up with one of my college besties, Alex. It’s been a couple years since we last hung out, so it was awesome to see her and her fiancee in Disneyland!

We loved how they decked out Haunted Mansion!

Early afternoon, we headed towards Toontown to line up for Mickey’s Halloween Party. By the time we got there, there was already a line. Mind you, we got there about an hour earlier, haha! I’m so glad we went though. It was way too much fun. We got to meet and greet with a ton of characters, including the villains. Plus, there’s tons of candy trails! Here are some pictures from Mickey’s Halloween Party:

…and our visit wouldn’t have been complete without a parade and a fireworks show, Halloween style, of course! We were so excited to finally see Donald in his Stormtrooper costume!

After the fireworks show, we hustled across the park to meet and greet with Jack and Sally!

What Dapper Dans?! During Halloween time, they turn into the Cadaver Dans! …and they sing Halloween songs, too!

Well, we weren’t satisfied with just one day, so we had to go a second. Glad that we did because we took the time to ride a lot of the rides. Here are some pictures from our second day:

After this trip, we may have to do Halloween there next year. I wouldn’t be opposed to it at all! 🙂



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a festive weekend.

It’s Halloween-time! Yeah, we’ve been prepped since the end of September, but this past weekend just felt so festive. Speaking of festive, I never shared pictures of the decor around the house.

This past weekend, we went to one of the many members’ parties thrown by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We specifically went to this event because it was a Halloween Dance Party! It’s pretty awesome, especially when their staff is dressed up in their costumes, and they’ve decorated some of the exhibits. Plus, they hand out Halloween candy. Here’s some of the photos that we snapped that evening:

It wouldn’t be a trip to the aquarium without some random shots of the sea life, right?!

We also had the pups put on their costumes for a quick little photo shoot. Every year, we dress them up in new costumes. This year, I die of how cute they are, especially since their paw-rents are Aggie alumni. Moo!

…and to top it off, we gutted our pumpkins and carved our pumpkin haul. This year we carved Disney pumpkins. It was super exhausting but lots of fun. The dogs love it for all of the gutted pumpkin on the floor, haha!

After this past weekend, I’m feeling beat from all of the Halloween festivities. If I don’t post before Thursday, wishing everyone a happy (and safe) Halloween!

PS: Two more days! 🙂


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pumpkin hunting.

I can’t believe that we’re in October. …and you know what happens in October, right?!

It happens every year, pumpkin hunting that is. We pack up and head out to Half Moon Bay, pumpkin capital of the world, on a mission to find the perfect pumpkins to gut. Here’s a snippet into some of these year’s memories:

Looking back on our adventure from earlier this week, it’s making me antsy! I can’t wait until we get to gut and carve our haul!


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halloween recap and layouts.

I can’t believe that it’s November already. Where did this year go?! Halloween came and went, and now we’re in full gear towards Thanksgiving. Not too long from now, we will be busy trimming our tree and decking our halls with color. By the time we know it, it’ll be a brand new year filled with little blessings. In the meantime, I’ll soak up the past October festivities.

We went to a Halloween get together at the Smith house last weekend. It’s always fun going to their shindigs, especially during Halloween time. Their whole front yard is decked out with SCARY decorations! Plus, Jeanne’s pumpkin pie is to die for! *No pun intended, hehe.*

Pumpkin carving this year wasn’t as extravagant as previous years. G was on the road for a good amount of time this month, so we only carved some basic ones. At least this year, we actually got the chance to carve. Last year during Halloween time, we were way too busy.

 …and as far as being creative, here’s some of the scrapbook layouts that I created in October.

First up, here’s a layout I made for my friend Ann. Yes, I “borrowed” some of her photos. This layout uses the collection Soho Garden by American Crafts. I’m not going to lie; I hoarded this collection because all of its papers are named after areas in NYC’s Soho, my favorite part of the city! You know it’s an addiction when you’re buying paper because of its name. 😉

Second layout features 5th & Frolic, also manufactured by American Crafts. I’m in love with the soft palette to this collection. Plus, there’s hints of gold incorporated into all of the products. Gold, you say? Um, yes, please!

Last but not least, my third layout is a compilation of a bunch of scraps I had out on the table in the crop room. Most of it comes from KI Memories’  latest collection, Flashback. Have you seen it?! It reminds me of the stuff they used to have on the market, so I hoarded it, haha. Aren’t surprised, huh? 😉

On another note, life has been throwing lots of curve balls my way. Fingers crossed that everything goes my way tomorrow at the clinic.


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mixed and mashed.

Last week, I got around to creating a sample for the shop using one of the latest Basic Grey releases, Aspen Frost. In my opinion, it looks similar to another holiday collection they put out a couple of years ago, but nonetheless, it’s pretty and I like it. Here’s what I made:

I absolutely love the silk ribbon on this one. I’ve been using these ribbons in tons of my stuff recently. Yes, we have them in tons of different colors. The texture is so soft, so it makes it easy to work with and hard to refuse. 😉

This past weekend was one of those on a whim weekends. We woke up early on Saturday morning and wanted to do something fun, but we weren’t sure what to do. Well, I remembered a place that a customer had told me about, and so we thought it would be neat to check out Gizdich Ranch.

They have fresh squeezed apple juice in all sizes. Plus, they sell pies by the slice or by the whole. Their pies are pretty tasty, and they’ve got almost every pie you could imagine, not just apple pie or dutch apple pie. Yum! I still prefer my mom’s apple pie though, but I think I’m just biased, haha.

After gallivanting on the coastal farm, we headed towards the beach, and then, back home.

As far as weekend projects, I had two to accomplish.

First, enjoying our succulents.

…and two, starting our Halloween decorations.

Why so early, you ask?! Well, from now until Halloween, the calendar is busy and it only gets busier. Because I had the extra time, I thought it would be fun to spruce up the mantle for Halloween. It’s not quite complete, but it’s getting there. I woke up the other morning, and G had added some of her “scary” Lego mini figures to the decor. Frankenstein, a witch, a zombie, and Count Dracula, just to name a few, are adding the spook to the mantle, hehe. 😉

On a side note, maybe I’m working too much? …or working too hard? I wish that I had a normal immune system. This morning I woke up with a fever of 102. It’s gone down since then, but I’m feeling icky. Hopefully, after a couple days of rest, I’ll be well enough to see the Endeavor Shuttle fly over Moffett Airfield. Go ahead. Call me a nerd. It’s not everyday that you get to see a space shuttle fly over your house. Be jealous. 😉


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