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ready, set, go.

Yesterday, I was feeling inspired to create. I worked on some new layouts using some of Amy Tan‘s new collection, Ready Set Go. It must have been the huge mess that I created in the crop room. Or it might have been all of the vivid memories from my getaway this past weekend. Either way, I finished a couple of pages to add to the books.

Layout one – a 12×12 layout:

Layout two – an 8.5×11 layout:

I had fun playing with all of these new products, especially because they have such vivid colors. I’m hoping that these two layouts will jump start some type of creative mojo on my end. It’s been way too long.

Oh, the decisions we must make. Hmm..



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just a sampling.

It’s been such a long, long time since the last time I played along with a challenge or followed a sketch. It’s probably been over a year or so since I took a stab at it. Anyway,  my friend, Holly, came up to the shop for a visit and inspired me. She convinced me to use the sketch from her kit club,  The Sampler.

Here’s the sketch:

…and here’s my interpretation of it:

I was surprised at how quickly I created this 8.5×11 layout. Perhaps it’s a sign I should get back into actually scrapbooking for fun, huh? *Oh, how I miss that life.* Alas, c’est la vie. If you’re stuck and find yourself with no mojo, check out this link and use the above sketch. I’m sure you’ll come up with something exciting – promise!


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wedding, seattle, and scrapbook stuff.

I don’t even know where to begin. It’s been about a hundred years since my last post?! I truly have no words as to why I’ve been such a bad blogger; I really need to make time in my busy schedule to write and document my everyday. Perhaps, I should jump on that Project Life bandwagon. Oh, who am I kidding?!

Hmm, where do I start? I suppose my February excursions are a start. There was a lot of traveling in February.

We packed up and headed down to Dana Point for our good friends’ wedding. Each and every one of her details were beautifully planned. It was definitely an event to remember. Again, a huge congratulations to the beautiful couple, Erica and Joe! We can’t wait to share many more memories together with you two.

March has come and gone, and I managed to go without bloggin’ very much. 😉 I’m a huge fan of March because it’s my birthday month. Instead of celebrating at home, we headed to Seattle, Washington for the weekend. It’s incredibly gorgeous, and I seriously wouldn’t mind moving up to the Pacific Northwest. We took hundreds of photos, but here’s a handful of the memorable ones:

Handful?! More like double handful. Yeah, there’s tons more too, but it would take me way too long to get them all uploaded for a blog post. I’ve been definitely getting stuff put onto pages though, and I have actually created a mini album using Amy‘s new Daybook.

I love the Daybook concept because it’s easy to work with. You can basically scrapbook on the go! Add photos and embellish your heart out. Besides, it’s a lot of fun.

…and while I was at it, I created a layout with my leftovers! Love Amy’s stuff. If you’re in the area, come check it out over at Our Paper Place.

Not only is Amy a fabulous designer and teacher, she’s also an awesome friend! I have pictures from our Amy & Kelly workshops, so keep your fingers crossed that I get back on track with bloggin’! Stay tuned.


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jillibean and g45 layouts and hilo scare.

I’ve been super busy this week. I’m not complaining though. Busy is a good thing, right?! 😉 I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to get my scrap on this week, but I’ve been making sure that I get my playtime.

Jillibean Soup hit the store today, so I created this layout using their new Apple Cheddar Soup line. I didn’t use any of the gnome stickers/embellishments on this one, but it’s so darn adorable. I seriously want to hoard it all, haha!

Shout out to my good friend, Angel. She has the most adorable little boys, and I’m always so thrilled when they come into the store to give Auntie Sarah hugs. Don’t these photos work so well with these papers?!

…and look at what you can do with leftover ribbons! I just took coordinating colored ribbon and arranged them to create and embellish my border.

I struggled with my second layout because as we all know, I’m horrible at vintage stuff. I like upbeat colors, so it was a challenge for me. The Graphic 45 products I used, however, are gorgeous!

Here’s a layout of Gloria and Phil — they’re adorable in these photos. They’re actually some of my favorite photos, as a matter of fact!

The flowers are actually a Hambly transparency; I cut out all of the pretty flowers and layered them on top of a Graphic 45 paper. I love that layered look.

Pat on the back for me for getting stuff done!

My poor little Hilo had a scare earlier this week.:(

He was hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa’s place last week, and we were told he looked really lethargic. Odd… because he’s always bouncing off the walls. He kept itching, and his skin was bright red. We took a closer look at his skin, and he was infested with fleas! Icky! Super gross! We always have flea protection on him, so it was really weird to see them on him. Both Maui and Hilo never get fleas, so it was a shocker. 😦

Just to be on the safe side, we took him in to see the vet. Turns out he’s allergic to flea saliva from their bites. Yikes! The poor thing had to get injected with a steroid and wear a cone to prevent further infection.

Now, he’s doing much better… and he’s pretty much bouncing off the walls again. I like him energetic better than when he’s a sick pup. 🙂

PS: Why can’t it be the weekend already?!


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my list of 28.

I was inspired by Nat to create a list of things to do before my next birthday. Yeah, I know it’s not my birthday, but why wait until my birthday to create a list?! Thus, I’ve created a list of some of the next things I plan to accomplish before March. I’ve accomplished some of these things in the past, but why not do it again for a whole different experience?!

Here’s a scan of what I wrote up earlier today:

The goal is to complete at least 80% of my list. Today, I plan to cross of at least one or two of the numbers, haha!

On another note, I finished a couple of layouts yesterday. I was feeling kind out of it, so I wanted to get some creative therapy time in. I got my hands on Happy Days by Echo Park Paper. Look at how fun the colors are on this one:

My favorite part about the above layout is the flowers. I like that they now have brads and embellishments that go with their papers. Yeah, I liked their sticker sheets, but the more embellishments, the happier I am, haha.

I also made a sample for the store using Apothecary Emporium.

I can’t believe that Halloween is right around the corner. It’s so close that we’re getting shipments of paper and embellishments of Halloween stuff all the time. Yikes! Where did this year go?! …and isn’t it pretty lame that I’m only getting around to last year’s Halloween pumpkin patch photos now?!

…and that lace is luscious! I had to use it. Recently, I’ve been all about the lace. Can anyone overdose from too much lace?! 😉

Now, I’m off to go work on my list of things to accomplish before 28. Off to buy a lottery ticket… Wouldn’t it be funny if I actually won something?!

PS: Thanks for all of the congratulations yesterday with the announcement of my new Authentique gig. I totally appreciate it. I can always use lots of positive vibes.


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