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S’mores Pops Recipe

T’is the season for holiday baking and candy making!

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for the recipe of the s’mores pops that I posted on Instagram earlier today, so instead of emailing out recipes to anyone that’s interested, I thought it would be easier to just post the recipe up on the blog.


marshmallows (or the store bought marshmallow cream in a jar)
2 cups chocolate chips
3 tbsp butter
graham crackers
candy sticks for the handle (or cute paper straws… i cut mine in half)

1. Heat up a marshmallow or two in the microwave for ten seconds. Once heated, spread it between two graham crackers to make the smores sandwich. (Or you can use the marshmallow cream as your filling.)
2. Poke paper straws into the marshmallow filling, and let cool until the s’mores sandwich is sturdy.

(You want to make sure all of the sandwiches are assembled before you proceed to doing the chocolate part.)

2. Melt down chocolate chips with the butter in the microwave for 30-40 seconds. Once heated, pull out of the microwave and stir. If it’s not melted enough, heat it up for another 15 seconds. If you want a creamier chocolate, add more butter. Keep stirring it until it’s a smooth consistency.

3. Dip the s’mores into the chocolate and let cool on waxed paper.

4. Before the chocolate has hardened, add sprinkles. Then, let the s’mores pops sit out until the chocolate has completely hardened.

I individually wrapped them up so it’d be easier to store for a party we’re throwing this weekend. Just tie them up with some plastic film and cute ribbon, and they’re ready to be put out on the table.

Happy sweets, everyone!



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