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fresh air on the coast.

This weekend was beyond fantastic. I love all of the spontaneity; it’s been a while since I lived life with no time constraints from work. It’s just an overall wonderful feeling, truly a breath of fresh air.

On Saturday, we drove to Half Moon Bay. I packed up a lunch for all of us, and off we went. The dogs had a blast running and rolling around in the sand. It was definitely a windier day than most, but we still had a great time.  It was pretty hilarious trying to watch Maui and Hilo run against the wind; their ears would stand straight up, hehe. After playing in HMB, we headed South into Santa Cruz.

Yesterday, we decided to drive down the California coast just for the heck of it. We were planning on leaving on Monday morning and going down the boring way, but why not take our time, drive down Highway 1, and enjoy its beauty?!

With clear visibility for miles, we spotted tons of marine life, whales, otters, and seals to name a few. The views are absolutely breathtaking, right?! I don’t think I could ever get sick of the ocean’s beauty.

Next month’s vacation can’t come any quicker. *sigh*



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it happens every summer.

From here on out, the shop will probably host its summer carnival. With all of the last minute sign-ups, we were able to host a fun little event that showcased our teachers’ creative talents. Everyone seemed to have had a wonderful time; I, for one, know that I had a fantastic time. Check out some of the photos from the event below:

Make sure to look for details at the shop next summer if you want to come create beautiful projects with our wonderful teachers.

Every summer, my little cousin comes to stay with us for a week. It’s not only fun for her, but it’s fun for us too! We make it a tradition to take her out on random adventures to explore and see new places. Today, we decided to head out to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. It’s always such a fun place to hang out; it brings you back to your childhood years,  especially when there are food stands with cotton candy, corn dogs, and funnel cakes just to name a few. Here are some memories from today:

It’s just the beginning of the week, so who knows where we’ll visit next. I just know that I can’t wait!

Oh, and just so you know, there’s a layout contest going on over here. The deadline for it has been extended to July 29th. Here’s my take:

It was fun making that layout because I don’t make as many as I used to. I really need to get back on the scrap bandwagon. Mojo, where have you gone?! Has all my mojo been aimed towards working on my Project Life stuff?! 😉 I hope not.

Anyway, that’s it for now.


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another beach day & ER visit.

I love summertime for the sunshine and the countless hours of play time outdoors. However, when the weather gets hot and uncomfortable, sometimes I can became highly annoyed and irate. Thus, it was time for refuge, hehe. A quick drive over the California coastal range, and we were in the cool and breezy weather of Half Moon Bay.

We spent a good chunk of time at the beach and had such a fantastic time. Maui and Hilo got to run free like a pair of hooligans, while Gloria found pure joy in making them run around like a bunch of crazy dogs. I, on the other hand, prepped a small picnic for everyone.


The best part of the beach stop was when Gloria was sunbathing and the dogs thought it would be fun to jump all over her, haha!

We didn’t want to end the day just yet, so we headed South to the quirky and charming Santa Cruz. We all went on a short little hike on the coastal cliffs, and I was mesmerized by the way the marine layer quickly covered the area. Maui and Hilo stopped to pose for the camera.

All and all, it was a perfect day with the family. Everything seemed to be okay…

…until Hilo started shaking his head frequently and abruptly later that night. He had a couple of symptoms the day before when we picked him up from Grandma and Grandpa’s, but it wasn’t anything to look into. He walked around anxiously and restlessly, and he wouldn’t stop scratching his ears. When Hilo’s not playing and bouncing off the walls, you know something’s not right. We called the 24 hour emergency clinic for advice, and they told us to bring him in.

At first, they guessed it might be a fox tail stuck in his inner ear, so they needed to get a closer look into his ear canal.

They wanted to sedate him to investigate more thoroughly, and we agreed. After speculation, there was no fox tail present. …but there had to be something wrong because his ears were bloodshot red and he was in pain. We discussed with the vet that a cytologic evaluation was our next option. She gathered a sample of tissue and requested the nurse to reverse his sedation, which she told us would be about 5-10 minutes.

We sat there for a long time; it felt like hours. We heard the nurses slapping his body and loudly saying, “Hilo?! Wake up!” There was more smacking and slapping him to help him regain consciousness, but there were no sounds of response. I think my heart stopped.

After an additional 15 minutes, his heart rate increased and we heard the sound of his collar when he walked. *This is where I started to breathe again.*

It turns out that he had a yeast growth in his inner ear. Odd, but we’re glad we now know what it is and he regained consciousness. We were sent home with meds, and he’s pretty much been sleeping all day.

Fast recovery, please.


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FOTL and adventures with k.

((Beware! This one is loaded with photos!))

The past week has been very hectic, a good hectic though. We held our annual FOTL event. We barbecued tons of delicious food, and as the sky darkened, we prepped the fireworks. …and even though the weather was super hot where my parents live, we still managed to enjoy the time spent with our family.

The kids decked out in their 4th of July colors.

She loves being a big sister!

Maui hung out out in the living room with Natalie. 😉

Kian kept observing the camera!

The kids made me play "Headbandz" with them, lol.

The kids started writing out their names with the sparklers.

"I need someone to light this."

The day after our FOTL event, we took my little cousin back to the Bay Area with us. She had been dying to hang out with us for at least a week this summer, so we decided now would be a good time. Thus far, she’s been getting her craft on over at Our Paper Place, explored the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

She has been getting crafty at the store.

Enjoying pizza over at CPK; she likes their cheese pizza!

Cousins hanging out in Monterey!

We love visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

The SUNFISH is humongous!

They decided to see if they could spot some otters or seals in the water.

They spotted a couple of seals, some starfish, sea cucumbers, and lots of birds.

We explored all of the seahorse exhibit. This one is my favorite!

Isn't this such a cool picture?!

Helping her with the crafts at the aquarium. Go figure, right?! Me...? Crafts...? No... 😉

We loved looking at (and touching) all of the creatures.

It's her new penguin friend, haha!

Running up and down the steps!

The two of us decided to hang out after lunchtime.

Here we are... hanging out with Stella, the pink seal.

After Monterey, we drove up to Santa Cruz to play at the beach.

We made a super sandcastle with a pool! 🙂

It’s only Thursday, and we’ve already done so many fun things. We still have other fun stuff planned for the next couple of days. In the meantime, we’ve been working on making layouts and samples for the store. Here’s what I’ve made using pretty paper from American Crafts:

Now, it’s time for me to clean up my big mess of supplies because we’re having a huge garage sale at the store on Sunday. Yes, we’re open this Sunday. It’s gonna be loaded with awesome deals. Make sure to come check it out!


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ocean and scraps galore.

I’m always jealous of people who live in coastal cities. Unfortunately, I don’t live on the coast, but I’m fairly close to it. It takes about thirty minutes or so to get to the ocean, so I’m not complaining. 😉 A short drive is good enough for me.

Monday and Tuesday nights in August are $1.00 nights at the Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, so my brother decides, “Hey! Let’s all go to Santa Cruz!” …and we did just that. Oh, the memories of carnival/amusement park food – hot dogs, garlic fries, and all the stuff that makes your teeth rot, lol!

That following day we headed to Monterey, which is a little bit further than Santa Cruz but completely worth the drive. Scott hadn’t been to the aquarium in years, so we thought we’d take him as an early birthday present. Have you ever been to this aquarium?! If you haven’t, I suggest you make it at least once in your lifetime. Don’t believe me?! Here are some photos to prove its worthiness:

We definitely had a field day at the aquarium. By far, my favorite exhibit is still the seahorses. They’re so unique! …and yes, the jellyfish are amazingly gorgeous; that is, when they are enclosed in the aquarium and not drifting next to you when you’re playing in the ocean. 😉

Yesterday, I spent the night cropping at my local scrapbook store. We had a small “sample party,” which means we worked overtime making samples of products that are going to be displayed at the scrapbook expo this upcoming weekend. In three hours, I created three layouts and three cards. Phew! I’m exhausted just reading that!

For every layout, I created a card. It’s true what they say, “Scraps are great for cards!”

Now, I need to get back to creating more samples before I have to start kitting for my class this weekend. I plan on creating a few more layouts and a handful of cards and mini albums. Wish me luck that I get these done before the end of today.

Happy Thursday!


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